Digital children's book illustration of a girl looking in a closet with an elephant behind the door. By Brian Williamson.

Brian Williamson
kidlit (proposed)

Brian Williamson

The shy elephant in the room

A picture book about a girl and the shy elephant hiding in her bedroom.

There’s an elephant hiding in her bedroom. The little girl knows it. It’s a genuine Elephas maximus. But no matter where she looks, the elephant evades her.

Throughout the book stuffed animals appear in the background: her stuffed bear, a plush penguin in the bed or a tiger doll tossed on the floor.

In the last pages the reader catches hints of the menagerie of real animals that occupy her imaginative life: a tiger, a polar bear, and a penguin. On the final spread, the girl starts to coax the elephant out of hiding by sliding her a cup of tea.

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