Digital children's book illustration of a cutaway view of family dressed up as a camel. By Brian Williamson.

Brian Williamson
kidlit (proposed)

Brian Williamson

Inside the Azoloma Family Zoo

A family is forced to create new animal attractions when all of the animals escape.


...As the grownups sat down and started to ponder

the cousins grew bored and decided to wander

They swung in the cages like acrobats

and played inside empty habitats.

They paddled and swam in the penguin pool

and jumped in the piles of llama wool.

But the littlest cousin, named Téa Pearl,

she stepped outside the hippo world.

She looked at the boys, but saw only beasts.



Little boy beasts.

“That’s it!” she cried. “This isn’t the end.

We don’t need any pets, we’ll dress up and pretend.

These bars on the front are more than just cages.

Think of them now as the edge of small stages.”

She reached in her dress and pulled out some chalk,

and started to draw on the blank sidewalk.

She started the line at her grandmother’s feet

and traced Lola’s shadow ‘til the line was complete.

When Lola looked down at the shape on the ground

she smiled at the bear silhouette that she found...