A selection of illustrations for an alphabet book. Each drawing is based on a simple orange triangle.

Brian Williamson
kidlit (proposed)

Brian Williamson

That time I got a dream job by drawing a children's book

A simple alphabet book based on a simple triangle.

In 2010, I applied for a position at a design agency. I went through a series of interviews, conversations and open houses at the office to meet all of the employees. For my final visit, I attended their monthly visual thinking open house.

These monthly meetups were a chance to hang out with other members of the community to experiment, brainstorm, play and draw (and drink some beer). One of the icebreaker activities during the meetup was to draw as many things as possible in 5 minutes based on a triangle shape.

After the meeting I went home and continued working on the exercise. I decided to create an alphabet book of drawings based on the triangle.

I published the book via Blurb as a Christmas present for my niece and a small thank you gift for the firm.

A month later I was officially part of team.