An panoramic illustration of a metro train twisting across a city. By Brian Williamson.
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Brian Williamson

An accordion-fold, panoramic train ride

A single drawing that continues across city streets,underground and over bridges.

This is a tortoise and the hare race between friends. One friend cruises and weaves through traffic in the back of her dad’s car. The other transfers between buses and subways, riding up and down escalators. Their paths braid and fork over bridges and through tunnels on their way to a playdate across town.

The printed book is an accordion fold mural, drawn across 50 feet of paper. The digital edition spans 150,000 pixels. Each page turn (or swipe of the screen) creates dynamic movement and reveals visual surprises: The ceiling in one spread becomes the sidewalk in the next; train tracks converge to form power lines as the perspective is smashed and inverted.